Monday, December 22, 2014

The Lord Up Above

She was with child 
And ready to pop
He wasn't the father 
Yet didn't question God
He trusted in His guidance
To lead them all the way
And to a little stable
She delivered in the hay
He loved that little boy
As if he were his very own
He raised him up to be
None other than a carpenter's son
He listened to the angels
Who told him where to go
For he couldn't trust himself
For everything he didn't know
He traveled mile after mile
To make sure his son was safe
The road map was given 
Through the road God paved
There was a special purpose
For this little boy's life
And he had to believe
It was worth all the strife
Because he wasn't just the son 
Of one Joseph and of one Mary
But the Son of God above
The debt of the world he would carry
And though they didn't understand
They knew they had their love
And the guidance and protection
Of The Lord up above

He was working three jobs
Trying to make ends meet
It sure isn't easy to do
When you have six kids to feed
But on every Sunday morning
They piled all those kids up
In their old Volkeswagen car
Off to church, The Lord to worship
He had two bills in his wallet
One hundred and one ten
It was all he had to pay bills,
And to feed all his children
When the offering plate
Was passed around that day
He threw in his offering
With his tithes he did pay
When he got home from church
He realized what he had done
The wrong bill he put in the offering
Now his hundred dollars was gone
But he did not question
The reasons behind the mistake
He told Momma, "Don't worry
The Lord would provide, just wait"
He knew they had each other 
And all of their love
A blessing was sure to come
From The Lord up above

She was 300 miles away
From all of her family
Working hard to provide
But nothing came easily
She stretched every dollar
From payday to payday
But there was never enough
And she never saw a way
There was no money
For diapers or for food
And she often wondered
What it was she should do
More times than she could count
She called up her mom and dad
Explaining all of her struggles 
And how she was oh so sad
Through words spoke through a phone
They lifted her spirits up a lot
Ensuring her that she wasn't all alone
She had them & she had God
Though she never understood 
Why things had to be that way
She knew it was a lesson learned
And would give her a reason to say,
"Though I can't understand why
Things always happen the way they do
I'm thankful for everything 
The good Lord has brought me through
I'm thankful for all the compassion
Given through my parent's love
And for the love, hope, peace, and forgiveness
Of my Lord and Saviour up above"

- LaDawn Cossey
December 22, 2014

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