Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Single Teardrop

Happy Birthday to the best Mom 
a little girl or grown woman 
could ever ask for!

Below is a picture that I know she holds dear to her heart and as I have grown up, it has become dear to mine too.  I based my newest poem on the story behind this picture. It is one of the sweetest stories of my childhood.  Mom had taken me to get my picture made and I cried because I didn't want to get it made all by myself.  Despite the fact that she didn't want her picture taken, she did it anyway to stop me from crying.  I was such a Momma's girl back then and to be honest, I still am!  In the picture you may see my little grin, but if you look close enough you can also see a tear in my eye.    This picture is proof of the bond that we have always shared as mother and daughter.  She has always been my rock.  It's no wonder that I consider her my best friend.  From the moment I was born she has always been there for me. 

Thank you, Mom, for always doing everything 
you could to turn my tears into smiles!   
Happy Birthday!  I love you!

A Single Teardrop

A single teardrop
On my little round face
A big ole smile
No one could erase

Momma seen my tears
As I began to cry
She didn't understand
So, she questioned me, "Why?"

I didn't want my picture
All by myself; all alone
Momma didn't want hers either
But her heart was not of stone

She gave of herself again
On what seemed an ordinary day
She sat down beside me
So everything for me would be okay

She put a smile on my face
Even with a tear in my eye
No momma wants her baby sad
Or wants her baby girl to cry

So, she put on a smile
For the camera with her girl
Not realizing one day this picture
Would mean the world

To a momma with the memory
Of her baby who loved her dear
So much that when getting her picture
She even wanted her mom near

Now the tear in her baby's eye
In the picture of the two
Brings a tear to Momma's eye
When she brings it out to view

It demonstrates a close relationship
Between daughter and Mom
A bond continued from birth
A bond that remains so strong

Even with tears in their eyes
Smiles still shine through
For the special love they share
Will stay forever and ever true

-LaDawn Cossey
January 22, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Mother Out Of Me

Today is my firstborn, Destiny's 14th birthday.  I can remember as a little girl playing with my dolls and how I would dream of being a mother some day.  I remember as a teenager dreaming of having a baby girl and being her mother.  I always wanted a daughter and to be honest, I wanted a daughter when I was pregnant with Justice too, but we don't have to tell him about that. :)
In my late teens, I remember praying one night and asking God if I would ever get the opportunity to be a mom.  I asked Him to give me a dream to answer my question and that night He did.  I dreamt of a little girl with blonde, curly hair and bright blue eyes.  I knew if I ever had a baby that I would be having a girl.  I knew her name would be Destiny because she was the little girl in my dream who was destined to be mine.
I wrote this poem earlier this week for Destiny.  She made my biggest dream come true and I thank God for her every day.  She is the sweetest, wackiest girl I know.  She is so much like her momma that it isn't even funny. :)  My life wouldn't be complete without her in it.
Happy 14th Birthday, Destiny! 
Thank you for being the daughter of my dreams!
I love you more than you will ever know!

A Mother Out Of Me

As a little girl I would daydream
Of the woman I would grow to be
I wanted to fall deeply in love
And live a life full of happiness and glee

As a teenage girl I would daydream
Of adulthood and all it would bring
I wanted it all, career and family
All in all, I wanted for everything

As a young woman I would daydream
Of the life I was just starting to live
It was full of excitement of the unknown
I had so much to offer; so much to give

You see as a little girl daydreaming
With my baby doll I would play
I fell so deeply in love
With the daughter I would have someday

And as a teenager daydreaming
Of the adult I desperately wanted to be
You were everything I wanted
You were the best part of my family

Then as a young woman daydreaming
As I found out I was with child
The unknown became scary and exciting
And I knew life was worth the while

My entire life I spent dreaming of a daughter
Her blonde hair and her eyes of blue
Then one day, God saw the desire of my heart
And He made my every dream come true

It was on that special day I became
Who my whole life I always dreamed I would be
That cold, snowy day my dreams came true
When you being born, made a mother out of me
- LaDawn Cossey
December 30, 2014