Friday, March 27, 2015

The Stepping Stone

The Stepping Stone
I came upon a stepping stone
I refused to open my eyes to see
As I stumbled to the ground
There was no one to blame but me
My face planted down in the dirt
My mouth open as I bit the dust
My pride brought down to size
My own will was but a bust
Now I am battered and bruised
I am broken and I am torn
As I crawl to that stepping stone
With shame and with scorn
The stone that tripped me up
Is now the altar from which I cry out
Believing to my feet I will stand
Of this I have absolutely no doubt
My God brought me there to stand
But I fell so hard and got myself stuck
As I cried out from my broken heart
My God reached down to help me up
Though the bruises may be fresh
The spirit may be severed like a bone
Though the heart may be broken
I will conquer this stepping stone
-LaDawn Cossey
March 27, 2015