Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Big Girl

In two weeks my oldest child is going to be a teenager.  I wonder where all the time has gone and how I got so old. :)  I'm going to share a poem that I wrote for her when she was about 15 months old.  It is about how she was growing up so fast.  Now that she is almost 13 years old, it seems like it went even faster than that first year or so of her life.  It doesn't matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby girl, always and forever!  I love you, Destiny!

Little Big Girl
Joy you bring to my heart
With every single glance
Laughter you bring to my eyes
As you shake and dance
You crawl up in the rocking chair
And smile so big at me
You think you're such a big girl
And you make sure I can see
You get on your tricycle
"Rmmmm, Rmmmm", off you go
You're getting bigger each day
This you seem to know
You always know just what you want
And that I'll grant all your wishes
Then I get my rewards
With big girl hugs and kisses
You look at me as if to say,
"Mom, I'm all grown up"
Now that you have traded
Your bottle for your cup
We go for walks, holding hands
You sometimes pull away
More and more independent
You become every day
You have gotten so much bigger
Since you first came in my world
My little bitty newborn baby
Is now my little big girl!
-LaDawn Cossey
April 24, 2002

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