Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stuck On The Thought Of You

I laid down in bed tonight and couldn't seem to fall asleep.  I wanted to somehow put some thoughts on paper, but I didn't really even know what I wanted to say or even how I want to say it.  I began to think of a story that most know nothing about and this poem seemed to fall into place.  It isn't some of my best work, but it explains in a way how life kinda feels right now.  Sometimes you don't want to dance until someone pulls you out on the dance floor, sometimes you have no interest in fishing until someone baits your fishing pole, and sometimes you don't even realize that you want to do just a little bit of something until you get stuck on thoughts of what you wish you could do.  I'm not really down about being single, but with Valentines Day just around the corner, it stands as a reminder that there isn't that special someone to dance with in my life.  

Stuck On The Thought Of You

"I'm gonna take you dancing"
You said the words so boldly
"But I don't dance" are the words
That you got back from me
"Then we will go fishing"
Are the words you replied
"I don't fish either"
And I blushed as you tried
Again to sway my response
"We will find something to do"
I thought it was a joke
I really had no single clue
Until someone told me
You really meant what you said
"He said to text him" I was told
I'm certain my face turned beet red
Then I began to want to dance
I wanted to catch a little fish
I wanted to do something
And it became my own little wish
I wanted my feet to move
I wanted my head to spin
I wanted to my body to sway
My heart pounding deep within
I wanted to bait the hook
I wanted to lure a fish in
I wanted the catch of the day
Then do it all over again
I wanted to do something
Or maybe a little of nothing at all
It didn't have to be anything big
It could have been something small
But you will never be able
To teach me to dance
To twirl me around
As others take a glance
You will never be able
To fish with me off the dock
My heart will stay in the tackle box
That you will forever keep locked
We will never be able
To do something small
Never be able to do
Anything together at all
I tell myself, "It's gonna be okay"
Every day that I awake
I have to keep hope alive
It is for my own sake
Perhaps I will learn to dance
One day on my own
Maybe go fishing
And not go all alone
Perhaps I will find someone
And have something we can do
But until that day comes
I'm stuck on the thought of you

- LaDawn Cossey
February 5, 2015

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